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What is the Difference Between Class A CDL and Class B CDL Licenses?

What is the Difference Between Class A CDL and Class B CDL Licenses?

If you’re considering working in the trucking industry, you might be wondering how to get your Class A CDL license. You might also know there is a class B CDL. The two are different and not everyone will need a class B. It depends on what vehicles you’re planning to drive.

This guide will cover the differences so you can be sure to get the right permit and be on your way to getting into the trucking industry.

Class A CDL

Most truck drivers will get their Class A CDL since it’s the most common one and the one people start out with before moving on to driving other types of vehicles. Class A is required for those that want to drive any type of combination vehicle including trailers connected to tractors.

These licenses also allow you to drive vehicles that are more than 26,001 pounds and they can have a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds or more.

This license is very inclusive and most people wanting to become truck drivers will get this permit. You are able to drive any kind of vehicle that is an 18-wheeler including tractor-trailers and big rigs.

Training for Class A CDL

There are many different programs you can attend to get your Class A CDL. You will usually spend time in the classroom followed by time behind the wheel. This allows you to get many different hours of training so you feel prepared before taking the exam.

All your training should follow state and federal requirements, so make sure you are researching the schools and programs before attending.

Class B CDL

Some people will also choose to get a class B CDL even though it is not required for most places to begin working. Class B is required if you want to drive a single vehicle that weighs more than 26,001 pounds with a towing capacity of less than 10,000 pounds.

These licenses allow you to drive buses, straight trucks, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, cement mixers, and dump trucks.

With certain endorsements, you can also use this license to drive vehicles that belong to the class C CDL permit including passenger vans of more than 16 people and hazmat vehicles.

Training for Class B CDL

Just like with a class A CDL, you will spend time in the classroom learning as well as in the vehicle so you receive training in many different ways.

You will drive both on public roads and on a set driving range. You have a final exam you will need to sit for before you can be issued the license.

If you’re ready to get your class A CDL or you already have it, you can come work for us at Logisticize. We offer flexible hours and a nice working environment to help you break into the trucking industry. We also make sure you receive safety training before heading off into the road.


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