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What is a Trucking Company?

What is a Trucking Company?

Whether you’re thinking about working for a trucking company or you just are curious to know more about what they do, you might be wondering how these companies work and how they find their workers.

A trucking company can be one driver, but they are often more likely to be thousands of drivers. Trucking companies haul basically everything from clothes to food to home goods to decorative items.

Chances are, most of the things you have in your home were brought to a warehouse or store by a trucking company. Trucking businesses need to be organized with professional employees to ensure their goods arrive where they need to be on time.

How Does a Trucking Company Find Employees?

You often apply to work for a trucking company just like you would any other job. You will need to find the job online and then send in a cover letter and resume. There are special requirements for trucking company employees though. You need to be able to show you have a CDL license.

You should also be willing to undergo training for the company so they can teach you their special requirements.

Trucking Companies and Their Goods

Not every trucking company will haul the same thing. Some will haul a variety of items while others will specialize in one item. There are also trucking companies that move people from home to home.

Others will haul large amounts of equipment like tanks and cranes. Other trucking companies will drive fragile items. There are even companies that transport large animals like whales.

The possibilities for the things that the industry can haul are endless. Everyone in a trucking business needs to work together to ensure the goods are transported safely and that they reach the right destination on time.

Permits for Trucking Companies

All trucking companies in the USA have permits and taxes they need to pay every year. All drivers need to have a CDL license and they need to be able to show proof of it. Depending on the goods, the company may need to have extra permits.

For example, if the company is transporting medical waste or hazardous materials, they need to have a certification to do so. All their employees also have to be trained to transport these materials safely.

When the driver is transporting these goods, they need to be able to show proof of their CDL as well as any other special permits they need.

Trucking Company Offices

Most trucking companies will have an office or headquarters. This is where the operations manager works. They also are in charge of speaking to the factory owner to make sure the goods are being made correctly and getting to the company on time.

If you’re looking for a trucking company to drive with, call us today. Here at Logisticize, we have a great work ethic and pay all our employees fairly. We also offer flexible hours so you can spend time with your family. We have free ongoing training classes for our employees as well.


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