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What Does a CDL Driver Need to Know About DOT Inspections?

What Does a CDL Driver Need to Know About DOT Inspections?

As a CDL driver, you must have a solid understanding of DOT inspections. If you don't, you may inadvertently violate a rule - and force inspection officers to place you or your truck out of service.

Don't panic if you're not familiar with these inspections, though. The team of experienced trucking professionals at Logisticize is here to provide you with all the info you need to know about them.

The Six Levels of DOT Inspections a CDL Driver Should Know About

The Six Levels of DOT Inspections a CDL Driver Should Know AboutTrucks and drivers operating in the United States are subject to six levels of inspections. They are:

Level I: During a Level I inspection, DOT officials examine a truck's lights, tires, battery, braking system, and more. They also ask the truck driver to present their documentation and submit to a drug and alcohol check.

Level II: When performing Level II inspections, DOT officers walk around the vehicle to ensure everything in plain sight is operating correctly. They do not get underneath the truck to perform a more thorough examination. Once they finish their review, they may then ask the CDL driver to present their paperwork and credentials.

Level III: DOT officials examine the driver's credentials during a Level III inspection. They usually ask to see the trucker's license, hours of service, record of duty status, and driver vehicle inspection report. They may also request the electronic logging device.

Level IV: A Level IV inspection involves the examination of a particular item, such as the engine or braking system. These inspections are quite rare.

Level V: A Level V inspection is also known as a vehicle-only inspection. It involves a thorough examination of the truck without the presence of a CDL driver. It generally occurs during a compliance review.

Level VI: During a Level VI inspection, DOT officers ensure both the truck and the CDL driver are capable of handling hazardous materials. It is one of the most thorough types of inspections.

The most common violations for drivers include:

• Exceeding hours of service laws
• Expired or invalid licenses
• Logging violations, and
• Failing to wear a seat belt

For vehicles, the most common violations are:

• Oil, grease, and fuel leaks
• Improperly loaded cargo
• Unsecured fire extinguisher
• Worn tires, and
• Inoperable lights

When DOT officials find violations, this can result in written warnings or citations, fines, and penalties, or even putting the truck and/or the driver out of service until the issues are fixed.

Become a CDL Driver for LogisticizeBecome a CDL Driver for Logisticize

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