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Truck Driving Safety

Truck Driving Safety

Truck driving is much more complex than some people give it credit for. If you happen to be hauling large cargo, the job becomes even more complicated. Road safety is one of the most crucial things to be aware of when you’re driving on the open road. When you’re driving a vehicle several times bigger than most of the cars on the road, it’s imperative to ensure that you, and everyone else on the road, is safe. 

Safe truck driving takes finesse, skill, and good decision-making. Above all, you need to have a clear idea of what you’re doing. Here are some basic safety tips to keep everyone safe on the road.

Truck Driving Safety 

eighteen wheeler nominated and greatly appreciated t20 Jo6OWOWatch Your Space Cushion 

The space cushion refers to the amount of cushioning space that a truck needs in every direction to allow for room on the road. ‘Every direction’ is not an exaggeration: the term includes space over and under the truck to account for overpasses and uneven terrains. 

 In truck driving, the space cushion ensures that you don’t crowd other drivers. Ideally, you need to have a few inches of open space for defensive driving in case of a sudden event on the road. 

When the cars around you are crowded, some drivers may get agitated or anxious. This will impact their driving abilities and reaction times, which may spell disaster for either you or them. There’s no reason at all to be bumper to bumper on the road in such a massive vehicle; always make sure to give the cars around you plenty of space. 

Know The Route When Truck Driving

Knowing your way on the road will prevent most major accidents and mishaps. When you’re given your route, carefully look it over and consider every possible outcome in terms of roadblocks, terrains, and busy streets. Look up the weather for the area you’ll be driving in; is there a chance of rain, snow, or ice that could hold you up - or worse, put you in danger? 

Bumpy terrain, construction zones, heavy traffic, and frequent starting and stopping can spell danger as well. Truck driving is much more complex than handling a smaller car. In the face of obstacles that might put you, your vehicle, or others in danger, take things slow. 

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The faster you drive, the harder it will be to stop. When truck driving, you’ll need to start stepping on the breaks long before you need to actually have the car stopped. Trying to slam the breaks on a vehicle that’s going too fast will lead to a disaster. 

Bear in mind the time that it takes to brake and accelerate in a truck as opposed to a car. While you don’t want to impede the flow of traffic, remember that slow and steady wins the race. 

Driving With Logisticize

Large truck driving takes a lot of getting used to. However, once you harness the standard truck driving safety tips, you will be able to navigate the road like a pro. The best way to learn is by working for a reputable truck company, so start looking today! Contact Us to get started!to get started!


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