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How To Get Class A CDL

How To Get Class A CDL

How a Class A CDL Can Boost Your Career

Getting a Class A CDL is a great way to improve your career because it allows you to take on higher-paying jobs. In addition, this driver's license shows people that you have the qualifications necessary to work with big rigs, and there's always a need for professionals in this industry. However, obtaining a Class A CDL isn't always possible.

We will discuss all the benefits you can expect after obtaining your Class A CDL. There are several reasons you should increase your professional driving abilities. In addition, we'll talk about the prerequisites you need to meet to obtain this license.

What is a Class A CDL?

A Class A CDL is the highest class of CDL you can get. This license allows you to operate a semi-truck that exceeds 10,000 pounds. Other CDL licenses allow you to drive large vehicles like buses and dump trucks, but the Class A CDL covers everything.

  • A Class A CDL opens up your employment opportunities
  • People with a Class A CDL make more money than other classes
  • Getting a Class A CDL helps you get better job security
  • You don't need a college education to get a Class A CDL
  • Obtaining your Class A CDL opens up travel opportunities

Getting a Class A CDL is the minimum requirement for operating big rigs. However, this license level also allows you to operate other large vehicles. So, you're not limited to semi-truck driving with this license.

Class A CDL Prerequisites

Whenever you look at a career path that pays well, there can be some barriers you need to overcome. You need to meet these prerequisites to obtain a Class A CDL.

  • Clean driving record: Operating a semi-truck can be dangerous, so employers require a clean driving record.
  • Pass the written exam: This will ask you a series of questions about driving big rigs that you need to understand. You will not get your Class A CDL if you fail this test.
  • Pass the practical exam: During this test, an instructor will sit with you to test your CDL practical skills. Unfortunately, you can't demonstrate all of your knowledge in the written test because operating a big rig takes a lot of on-the-job training.
  • Ability to pass a drug test: drug testing is an important part of obtaining a Class A CDL because the licensing company needs to ensure that you're not a threat on the road. They cannot take any chances that you'll be under any substances while driving.
  • Legal citizenship: if you want to obtain a Class A CDL in the United States, you must be a legal citizen. They will ask you for proof of this information before your exam. Keep your documents in order, so you're prepared.

Are you ready to obtain your Class A CDL? Logisticize can assist you with getting this license. Our truck driving company is always looking for new talent, and you might be our next employee. Please contact us today to learn more about obtaining your Class A CDL.


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