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How To Choose A Trucking Company As A New Driver

How To Choose A Trucking Company As A New Driver

You’ve done it: you’ve gone through the tests and the training, and successfully earned your commercial driver’s license (CDL). With that under your belt, you’re ready to earn top dollar while reaping the rewards and benefits of working for a trucking company. What you’ll quickly discover is that there are hundreds of companies to choose from.

The sheer variety of options out there can easily become overwhelming. When choosing a truck driving company, think hard about what will suit you the best as a driver.

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Type Of Freight

As a new truck driver, you need to determine what type of freight you want to drive once you get out on the road. For the most part, new CDL graduates will start their careers driving dry vans. These are generally easier to haul, and most truck driving companies have more abundant job openings for new license holders using these types of trucks.

You may prefer a refrigerated truck (reefer) driving job, or a more specialized type of freight such as hazardous materials (hazmat) vehicles. While there are certain benefits to these types of vehicles, they often require prior trucking experience. This can be a roadblock if you’re just starting out.

The type of freight isn’t the only thing to consider. Remember that you’re basically going to be living in the vehicle. You need to look at the cabs your prospective truck driving company uses. Ensure that their vehicles are in good condition, and that safety features are functional and up-to-date.

Of course, what you’re really looking to do when you work for a truck driving company is get paid.

Pay scale is one of the most straightforward way to compare companies. One may pay at a higher dollar-per-mile, but what of their benefits? Do they pay you for idle time, like when you’re waiting at a dock or staying in a motel?

Most over-the-road (OTR) truck driving companies pay per mile. Consider their rates and how many miles you realistically expect to get when you’re just starting out as a new CDL driver.

Reach out to former and current drivers to help you get an idea of what the money will really look like. Specialized on forums and subreddits are an excellent place to get candid, real-person accounts of what to expect on payday.

Home Time

As you’d expect of the truck driving life, you’re going to be away from home for days, or even weeks at a time. Every truck driving company spins their home time policies differently. Reach out to company representatives about this when you’re discussing potential positions and compare and contrast them to find what will suit your life the best. Chatting with current and former drivers about their experiences and perspectives can be especially helpful too.

Reputation And Company Culturetransportation and logistics a red and white big rig diesel tractor truck on the road under stormy t20 Xz4kG3

Every company is different. Depending on who you ask, you’ll receive mixed reviews about any truck driving company. Read about the company online and see what they have to say about their company culture. Are you looking for one that will feel more close-knit and familial, or are you intending to see your fellow truckers as little as possible?

At the ‘do you have any questions for me’ portion of the interview, find out what the culture is there. Additionally, look online to read reviews from drivers who have worked for this trucking company.

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