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Commercial Truck Driving, What You Need To Know

Commercial Truck Driving, What You Need To Know

If you happen to get into a job where you will need to do some truck driving, then you will have some lessons to learn. It doesn’t matter if you have driven a pickup truck before, or are the safest and most confident driver on the roads. Thankfully, going the commercial truck driving route is able to be easily taught and picked up, and there are only a few things you need to know.

This article is going to let you know about some of those things, and once you get a handle on them, you will be able to drive a commercial truck with a lot of confidence!

First, Know How To Get Started Truck Driving

Starting a truck is different than starting a car, because you need to turn the key until you hear a click, and that allows the gauges to reset and the plugs to warm up. Additionally, you will need to get used to the way that your specific truck shifts gears, because you will be shifting gears a lot more than inside of your car.

Additionally, a truck is much bigger and has a much bigger presence on the road than a car does. So you will need to learn how to make turns and park while handling the massive machine. If you turn too soon or too late, then other smaller vehicles on the road will not be able to respond properly.

You need to be mindful of communicating your intentions and then following through, as well as the conditions on the road. Thankfully, you will need to attend a truck driving school that will take you through every single aspect of commercial driving, so it shouldn’t be too hard to pick everything up. Just take your time and make sure to feel comfortable with every single skill.

You Need To Get A Commercial Driver’s License

If you are driving a commercial vehicle on any road in the United States you need to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This lets you drive 18-wheelers, buses, and larger trucks as well as other vehicles, and before you can get a CDL license you must get a CDL permit.

For the license, you will be able to get various types and endorsements in order to drive different types of vehicles as well as in different scenarios. Depending on what your commercial driving job is going to have you do, you might need to get a certain type of license or a combination of endorsements.

Then you will need to present paperwork, take an exam, and go through an education program in order to gain the skills needed to drive a commercial truck. After you complete everything that is necessary, you can use your license and start driving your commercial truck for your new job! It’s a skill that not many drivers have, but it is also a skill that you will be able to use to open a ton of doors for yourself.

One of those doors might be some time working with our company at Logisticize! We need drivers who know how to drive commercial trucks, and you will find a lot of growth opportunities at our company.


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