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Class A Commercial Drivers License: All There is To Know

Class A Commercial Drivers License: All There is To Know

If you are thinking about getting a commercial driver's license, also known as a CDL, there is a lot of information that you are going to need to know. Luckily, we are here to help you understand the ins and outs of obtaining a class A commercial driver's license.

We need to start with background information on what a class A commercial driver's license is and how it is different from other classes of commercial driver's license. There are several different types of commercial driver's licenses, each with their own unique sets of rules and requirements to obtain.

Please continue reading to find out more information on class A commercial driver's licenses as well as other information pertinent to obtaining this type of license.

What is A Commercial Drivers's License?

A CDL, or commercial driver's license, is a type of driver's license used by those who operate heavy, large, or placarded hazardous material vehicles in the United States. These licenses are given for drivers who work in commerce, not for private drivers.

There are different types of commercial driver's license is because there are different types of commercial motor vehicles. It takes a certain commercial driver's license to operate each particular commercial motor vehicle.

Employers who need employees with commercial driver's licenses will look to see if the class of CDL the person has is the proper one for the job. That is why it is important to know what you need the commercial driver's license for and what the requirements are for that particular license.

What Does “Class A” Mean?

A Class A CDL memes that the driver is permitted to operate any combination of commercial motor vehicles with a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 pounds or over. This is provided that the vehicle in tow is heavier than 10,000 pounds.

Vehicles that people with authorized class commercial driver's licenses can drive include tractor-trailers, truck and trailer combination vehicles, livestock carriers, tanker vehicles, flatbed trucks, semis, big rigs, and 18-wheelers, as well as most of the vehicles that Class B CDL and Class C CDL drivers can drive.

Essentially, a Class A commercial driver's license is a broad term that encompasses the majority of commercial driver's license permissions and allows the driver's license holder to operate a variety of commercial motor vehicles.

How to Get a Commercial Driver's License

It is a pretty simple task to get a commercial driver's license depending on the state that you are living in. The majority of states allow people to apply for their commercial driver's license at 21 years old however, some states have different rules that permit 18-year-olds to apply for a single state CDL.

A single-state CDL permits the driver to drive commercially within the state where they have a permanent residence. This is called intrastate commercial driving. However, the intrastate driving restriction is automatically lifted once the CDL holder turns 21 years of age.

Class A CDL licenses are fairly straightforward and most people with clean driving records who apply for a CDL are accepted.



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