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Automatic Fails on the Truck Driving Skills Test

Automatic Fails on the Truck Driving Skills Test

If you want to become a trucker, you'll need to pass your CDL skills test. During the exam, you must prove your truck driving abilities in a range of real-world situations.

Major Mistakes to Avoid During Your Truck Driving Skills TestThe specifics of the test vary slightly from state to state. However, almost all examiners will ask you to show that you can:

• Stop and start your vehicle
• Navigate busy intersections
• Enter and exit a highway
• Change lanes smoothly
• Navigate railroad crossings, and
• Operate your truck in an urban setting

Examiners typically use a points-based system to determine whether you passed the test. However, if you make a major mistake, they may choose to automatically fail you and ask you to return to the testing center.

Major Mistakes to Avoid During Your Truck Driving Skills Test

Your examiner will almost certainly fail you if you make one of these major mistakes during your truck driving skills test:

Dangerous Driving: Examiners do not look kindly upon driving that forces pedestrians or motorists to take evasive action to avoid colliding with your vehicle. They may also fail you if they have to take control of your truck to avoid causing an accident.

Violating the Law: If you break a traffic law during your truck driving test, you should not expect to pass. Examiners frequently fail testees for failing to stop at red lights, stopping their truck on railroad crossings, and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Displaying Signs of Road Rage: Examiners want to see that you can stay calm and collected while driving your vehicle. If they notice you showing any signs of road rage during your truck driving test, they will most likely fail you. They may even ask you to relinquish control of the vehicle.

Refusing to Perform a Maneuver: When an examiner asks you to perform a maneuver, they expect you to begin as soon as it is safe to do so. If you refuse or do not take action in a timely manner, they may fail you.

Using Prohibited Items: During the truck driving skills test, you're usually not allowed to use cameras, cell phones, or tape recorders. You also can't have any markings, cues, or labels inside the vehicle. If an examiner spots you using any prohibited items, they can fail you on the spot.

Start Your Truck Driving Career with LogisticizeMajor Mistakes to Avoid During Your Truck Driving Skills Test

Hopefully, the information outlined here will help you pass your CDL skills test and become a fully qualified truck driver! Once that happens, please do not hesitate to apply for a job with Logisticize.

We offer competitive salaries, paid time off, and excellent insurance. We also work tirelessly to ensure our drivers are home with their families for weekends and special occasions. There is no better place to begin your truck driving career!

To learn more about driving for Logisticize, all you need to do is fill in our online contact form or give us a quick call at (419) 399-3900 option 3. Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer all your questions!


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